Become a karate instructor and start your own business

Now you have the opportunity to become a certified instructor in JA Karate and start your own business. The course consists of app. 100 hours of training during a period of 3 weeks and is held in beautiful Mallorca, Spain.

The course makes it possible for you to start your own JA Karate business anywhere in the world. You can start your business as a stand-alone operation, but fitness centers, aerobic and yoga studios etc. can also acquire a franchise and have JA karate as an additional part of their other programs.

Most new franchisees will participate with one person but you are allowed up to 3 persons for the course, per franchise acquired. That means that, for example, 3 persons could share a franchise (and the investment) and get the training and be ready to teach and run a facility together.

If you want to acquire a franchise without participating in the course or teach at all, that is quite possible. You can still be the owner and hire a person/persons to participate in the course and run the business.

The beauty of a JA Karate franchise is that you don’t need equipment or tools to run the business. It is therefore very cost effective to get started and make a profit, even from the first month of operation.

All men and women age 18-80 with normal mobility can participate in the instructor course and no specific background is required.

Most participants will reach brown or black level during the course and they will be certified and able to teach classes, and the course will include how to start and run a JA Karate business.

Some might wonder how you can reach brown or black level after just a 3 week’s course but keep in mind that the 3 weeks equal one year and a half or 18 months of training in a normal karate school environment with a one hour session twice a week.

The main training is held daily Monday to Saturday (both days included) from 10 a.m. – 2.30 p.m. Contact us at for more specific information.

Next course will be in July 2021. It is quite possible to combine the course with a family vacation as late afternoons and evenings are free. All training, sessions etc. is personally done by Jorgen Albrechtsen himself.

The cost to acquire a JA Karate franchise, including the course, franchise fee and a sole territory plus how to start-up, market and run the business is EUR 19,850 (US $ 23,400). Travel costs, lodging and meals not included. Shirts and certification are included.

See below for pictures of Jorgen Albrechtsen from the early days: