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Dear Shihan Jorgen Albrechtsen,
I hope that you remember me as one among 3000 Kyokushin students of yours who honed his karate techniques and skills all the way to first dan black belt under your esteemed instruction and supervision in Denmark, then later in 1992 attained the rank of second dan in California from shihan Hamamoto. In 1975 you had appointed me as your karate instructor to teach and promote Kyokushinkai in Iran “1975-1979”, in Denmark “1980-1989” and in California “1990-1995”.

All these years, I was guided by the spirit of true karate, observation, intensive practices while obtaining valuable experiences and have finally come to this conclusion: What a waste of time and energy on some inefficient useless and inhuman old fashioned movements which slowly leads to self-destruction, regardless of which is your favorite style, and all share the same fundamental problem, “old and outdated”.

I remember that you were in favor of constant modification in movements to extend efficiency and to avoid joint injuries which are very common in karate. The entire hourly based session of your class was always more effective than other instructors. You believed in shorter time to gain more outcome and from there I began to observe and learn from you. I always knew that you were ahead of your time and your discoveries, for some, might not be easy to comprehend at the present time but will soon be followed by thousands.

Your loyal trainee,
Senpei Kiumars Roshanzamir